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Autoclaves and accessories for autoclaves

CertoClav EL

Get to know the CertoClav EL

The overall economical solution for autoclaving.

An autoclave with valve control and precision manometer.


CertoClav MultiControl

Get to know the CertoClav MultiControl

The autoclave with electronic comfort and safety controls.

Freely programmable sterilizer. Fractioned ventilation.



Get to know accessories

Accessories for autoclaves.

Reliable process sequence with original accessories.


CertoClav Essential

The complete solution for sterilization at 121°C. Electronic control with one-touch interface. More

CertoClav Classic

Autoclave for sterilization at 125°C or 140°C. Manual operation. Robust design. More

CertoClav MultiControl 2

Autoclave with programmable multi-step sterilization temperature from 20°C to 140°C. USB, printer port, 6 preinstalled programs.More

CertoClav Vacuum Pro Series

The all-in-one autoclave. The stand-alone laboratory autoclaves from CertoClav-Vacuum-Professional-Series are available with a chamber volume of 8 liters, 12 liters, 18 liters or 22 liters. Vacuum pump, flexible media sensor, LAN, WiFi, SD-slot, USB, 7 inch waterproof Touchscreen. more

CertoClav Reverse Osmosis System

The R/O system can be connected directly to the CertoClav Vacuum Pro autoclaves or alternatively to an external water tank. Revolutionary compact professional system with alphanumeric display.

Installation: Wall mounted or tabletop in horizontal or vertical position

CertoClav Connect

Full automatic autoclave. 7 inch touch screen, optional media sensor, programmable, 140°C maximum temperature. More

Why choose an autoclave CertoClav?

Reliable, practical and robust autoclave for 20 or more years... more

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Operating manual as video

How to operate an autoclave - everything explained in 3 minutes… more

Autoclave operation manual as a video

Service. For a whole lifetime

Round-the-clock service integrated. CertoSupport helps during application and maintenance... more

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