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Autoclaves and accessories for autoclaves

CertoClav EL

Get to know the CertoClav EL

The overall economical solution for autoclaving.

An autoclave with valve control and precision manometer.


CertoClav MultiControl

Get to know the CertoClav MultiControl

The autoclave with electronic comfort and safety controls.

Freely programmable sterilizer. Fractioned ventilation.



Get to know accessories

Accessories for autoclaves.

Reliable process sequence with original accessories.


CertoClav Essential

Die komplette Lösung für die Sterilisation bei 121°C. Elektronische Steuerung mit One-Touch Bedienung. mehr

CertoClav Classic

Autoklav für Sterilisation bei wahlweise 125°C oder 140°C. Entlüfung durch Strömungsverfahren. Manuelle Verfahrenssteuerung. mehr

CertoClav MultiControl 2

Autoklav mit programmierbarer Steuerung (Raumtemperatur bis 140°C). Standardprogramme für Sterilisation vorinstalliert. mehr

CertoClav Vacuum Pro Series

Fast, practical, save

The laboratory autoclaves from CertoClav-Vacuum-Professional-Series are available with a chamber volume of 8 liters, 12 liters, 18 liters or 22 liters. Pre-heatable chamber, cooling-ventilation and vacuum pump guarantees fast cycles about 20 minutes. Integrated water containers for fresh and waste water. No external water connection required. On-screen video assistant. Including access to the revolutionary CertoCloud for full automatic logging and remote control. more

Why choose an autoclave CertoClav?

Reliable, practical and robust autoclave for 20 or more years... more

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Operating manual as video

How to operate an autoclave - everything explained in 3 minutes… more

Autoclave operation manual as a video

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Round-the-clock service integrated. CertoSupport helps during application and maintenance... more

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